1/ How is MFL's microfiber vegan leather manufactured?

Please see the section “Manufacturing Process” on our website:

Manufacturing Process

2/ How is microfiber leather different from other artificial leather types?

Microfiber leather has a material backing that simulates the structure of a tightly interwoven fiber bundle like real cowhide, creating a high degree of durability and bonding between the base/backer and the surface that other artificial leather lines such as PU or PYV do not have. Therefore, microfiber leather achieves similar appearance and quality as high-grade natural leather lines, has much higher durability and better hand feeling, than other artificial leather types

With PU artificial leather, because most of the base/backing is made of thin fabric layers, the connection between the surface and the backer is low. Thus, it is easy to have problems with peeling and cracking after a period of use. MFL’s microfiber leather helps to solve the peeling problems that other synthetic lines are having with higher breathability, while always ensuring safety for users’ health and the environment.

3/ How are the thickness and width of Microfiber leather measured?

MFL’s microfiber leather has different thicknesses depending on the needs of customers, ranging from 0.6mm- 2.0mm.
Width: 1.37M or 54”

4/ Are MFL's products available in stock?

Yes, they are. Currently, MFL has more than 300 product codes available at warehouses in 3 regions in Vietnam, ready to support fast delivery and low MOQ for customers.

5/ How can I have MFL's swatches and catalogs?

Please contact us for more detailed information and support.

6/ Does MFL have Suede vegan leather?

Yes, we do. MFL has developed and supplied Microfiber Suede according to customers’ requirements in terms of color and quality.

We currently offer regular quality and high quality microfiber suede, with or without water resistance.

7/ Does MFL offer custom colors and designs upon customers' requests?

Yes, we do. MFL has constantly provided customized products upon customers’ requests about thickness, quality, colors, grain surfaces… Please kindly contact us for more information and support.

8/ What determines the quality and price of MF vegan leather?

The main factors that determine the quality and cost of microfiber leather include:
1. Microfiber base quality: Each microfiber leather line will be made from a different type of microfiber backer with different quality, and the backing will determine the quality and durability as well as the different price of each product line.
2. Thickness: With the same quality, thicker material will cost more.
3. Pattern, type of surface texture: More complex textures and surface patterns will usually cost more.

9/ Does MFL have recycled and bio-based products?

Yes, we do. Please leave your information, we will contact you to assist further.