1/ Are MFL's products covered by a warranty and which issues will be under warranty?

Yes, all MFL’s microfiber vegan leather products come with a minimum 2-year warranty. The warranty period is valid from the date of delivery to the customer.
Warranty for defects such as surface peeling, surface cracking, color fading by the products themselves; no warranty for errors caused by users.

2/ What problems will not be covered by the warranty?

– Errors due to incorrect selection of cleaning chemicals which cause blistering or discoloration of the product surface. (Recommendation: Clean with water-based or alcohol-based solutions, do not use oil-based solutions that can cause flaking, surface peeling over some times)
– Errors caused by using sharp objects, hard brushes that can rub vigorously when cleaning
– Errors caused by use such as contact with human sweat DIRECTLY AND CONTINUOUSLY at an overly concentrated point, causing dirt accumulation and deformation of the product surface.
– Errors caused by direct external influences such as pet scratch, mouse bite, etc causing tearing, scratching, perforation, etc.
– Out of warranty period.

3/ How to preserve upholstered products using MF leather?

Microfiber leather can be preserved at normal temperature and light conditions for a long time without the phenomenon of mold, peeling, discoloration like real leather, helping to save maximum storage costs & raw material loss.

Mild alcohol-based or water-based cleansers can be used on the surface of microfiber leather. Please note to avoid exposure to direct sunlight or high temperature for a long time. At the same time, customers should not use oil-based detergents as well as let the leather surface come into direct contact with human sweat because after a while it will cause the material surface to have small cracks or change color.

4/ Can microfiber leather be used outdoors (and on out-door furniture)?

No, it can’t. Currently, microfiber leather should only be used for indoor furniture products, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight for a long time.

5/ When there are stains on the surface of microfiber leather, how to handle it?

Microfiber leather (except non-WR suede) is waterproof and easy to clean, just use water-based or an alcohol-based cleaner to wipe away stains.
As with other material lines, surface stains if detected and cleaned early will be easier to clean. Please do not use oil-based cleansers.