Microfiber Vegan Leather

Leather made from animal skins and hides is a durable material that has been used in various industries since ancient times, thanks to its long service life and durability. The secret behind these qualities is the interwoven collagen structure that connects tightly with each other, making the hide’s surface resistant to tears or penetrations.

Microfiber leather is also constructed with a sole interwoven structure, accurately simulating the fibrous structure of real leather (like cowhide). It also overcomes most disadvantages of cow leather and artificial leather types (like PU and PVC) in terms of form, quality, material loss, cutting productivity, preservation, etc. As a result, microfiber leather is gradually becoming an indispensable material in many industries dealing with leather-made products such as automotive and furniture upholstery, footwear and accessories, apparel, and more. Additional features include:


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