Introduction about Microfiber Vegan Leather

For decades, cow leather has been used due to its durability and wide applications in various industries. Full grain leather is remarkably strong and durable thanks to its collagen structure that consists of millions of fibers in the hide.

With that understanding, microfiber vegan leather was invented with its base simulating perfectly the fibrous structure of genuine leather. At the same time, microfiber vegan leather offers solutions to almost all problems caused by real leather and other synthetic leather types such as PU & PVC in terms of appearance, quality, material usage, cutting and sewing productivity, storage, …etc. Microfiber vegan leather has become a trend in manufacturing upholstery, footwear, fashion handbags and accessories, etc


High breathability


High durability


Water resistance




Ease in cutting & sewing


Ease in cleaning & storing


What is microfiber vegan leather ?

Microfiber vegan leather is innovative and high quality man-made leather that consists of two main layers:

Layer 1: Microfiber base simulates the fibrous collagen structure of genuine leather

Layer 2:PU-coated surface to create different surface colors and patterns

Applying the spinning process in non-woven textile production, we have successfully created superfine fiber whose diameter is only 1/50 to 1/20 of silk fiber’s. Through complicated processes of carding, dipping, extraction, microfiber base is made to replicate the fibrous collagen structure of genuine leather.
In the final stage, we coat the surface with a thin PU layer to create different colors and patterns.

By looking at the microscopic images comparing the bases of cow leather of microfiber vegan leather, the resemblance is easily seen and proved. This simulation helps microfiber vegan leather achieve equivalent durability of cow leather.




Lower material cost

With similar quality, price of microfiber vegan leather is at least 30% lower than that of genuine leather


Increase in cutting performance and productivity

Microfiber vegan leather is produced in the form of rolls with identical width. As a result, cutting productivity can increase by 30 times using cutting machines which helps reduce labor cost significantly.


Outstanding form & quality, equivalent to genuine leather

Many better properties than genuine leather such as lighter, vent, high tear strength, …


Minimalized material waste

Only 1-3% of material is wasted


Ease in storing and cleaning

The material can be stored in normal temperature & humidity for a long time without having any problems of mildews, color fading, or peeling. That helps decrease costs of material storages and defects remarkably.



No heavy metals or hazardous substances to human health or the environment are used in the production process or contained in the finished materials.


Cow Leather v.s Microfiber Vegan Leather

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